Delaware Water Gap

October 12, 2017

We crossed from New Jersey to Pennsylvania today!  We are now on our last state, with approximately 200 miles left to hike.  (Although, who’s counting?)

This sign is in the middle of the bridge crossing the Delaware River.

The crossing from New Jersey to Pennsylvania was actually quite dramatic.  The Delaware River divides the two states, and the AT crosses this river using a bridge shared by Interstate 80.  The 2,465 foot (almost half a mile) bridge has four lanes of speeding traffic and a sidewalk.  Pedestrians are separated from cars and trucks by a waist-high concrete divider.  Nevertheless, with trucks shaking the middle of the bridge, wind trying to pluck our packs off, and noise buffeting our ears, I admit to being scared.  What a relief to reach the other side, and walk into the town of Delaware Water Gap, PA.

The barrier between us and traffic felt rather feeble!