On the Trail Again!

April 13, 2017


I saw the doctor today.  She gave me a yellow light in terms of hiking … proceed with caution!  She said my collarbone is healing well, and is much less fragile than a week ago.  I may hike, while taking a few precautions.  Hike fewer miles for a couple of weeks.  Proceed slowly and gently.  Protect the shoulder.  Give it supported exercise.  Don’t fall on it!

I can hardly wait to start walking through spring again!  We leave for Erwin tomorrow!  Hurray!

12 thoughts on “On the Trail Again!

  1. You are amazing Sarah. Can’t imagine your hitting the trail again so soon. Hope all goes well. Do enjoy reading your posts and hiking vicariously with you both.


    1. I’m glad you enjoy reading about our adventures! I’m really not doing anything too crazy. I figure that the healing bone is ready for gentle exercise, so I might as well be on the AT during this time period. After all, it shouldn’t be too different from the Great Dismal Swamp! 🙂


  2. Cheering you on! We enjoyed a nice conversation with your parents and sister on Monday at FUMC, Sarah! We were able to catch up on your whereabouts (at that time, you were recuperating with salt & sun, which is our favorite recuperation method). Prayers for safety and good health as you get back on the trail. It would have been pretty easy to say “next year”, after an injury like you have; you’re a tough, strong woman! Cheers!!


  3. I will be praying for your healing, safety and we’ll-being! May God bless you both in every step! Much love,


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