August 3, 2018

A short video of lupines on the knife edge of Goat Rocks.


5 thoughts on “Tenacity

  1. Hi Sarah and Jay!
    Did I tell you Maggie gave birth…C-section to Alder Keith on July 9th. I was with them for five weeks because he was two weeks late..and then the recovery. Now I go back and help for month of Sept. As Maggie returns to work..new school district and full time..wah wah wah….
    Looking forward to seeing the tribe…sorry I haven’t met up with you yet…and now you are in Washington!!! You guys are doing such a great job of hiking and sharing!
    Thanks so much! I will be in Albany, OR til Oct. 1…This weekend Sequim, I think…wonder where you will be?


  2. Yes. Wow. My favorite flower. Monday start 3 weeks at Lake Junaluska as NOMAD volunteer. Driving the up and down of these mountains adds to my admiration of your traversing ways.


  3. Just checking in. I hope you are both well and staying healthy. It has been a while since you have written. Happy trails!


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