A New Adventure Dawns

May 11, 2019

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.


As spring exuberantly bounced into our lives, I knew Seattle winter hibernation was coming to a close.

Much as I longed to be on the trail again, my body wasn’t quite ready to carry a full pack. Jay, still dealing with emotions from the accident, couldn’t see sleeping in a tent yet. Obviously, we needed a new adventure.

We had often discussed hiking in Europe, and many friends had suggested that we hike the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage from St. Jean Pied-du-Port in the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Jay’s uncle gave a piece of rare advice, “If you have a dream, the time to do it is now.”

First we spent some time with my family in Tennessee. It had been a year since we’d seen them. As we hiked the Maryville College woods, I gloried in the spring flowers!

Trilliums captured the sunshine.

Now, here we are in Spain, getting ready for another pilgrimage. It’s been three weeks since I’ve practiced carrying a backpack. It will be interesting to see what it’s like to become a hiker again!

Here we are in Barcelona, on our way to hike the Camino de Santiago!

27 thoughts on “A New Adventure Dawns

  1. congratulations. when you are done traveling and walking so seriously, your lives and blogs will make a great book. One step at a time…go with God.


  2. So very glad your on the mend and you and jay are able to hike again . Enjoy your hike and sending prayers for a safe and healthy trip and hike . Cant wait to follow along with you both .


  3. Hi Sarah & Jay! I was so glad to see you at church the other Sunday. Praying for you guys as you begin this new journey in Spain! I can’t wait to read about your colorful Adventures!


  4. I so appreciate your wonderful reporting of your ongoing adventures. You are both such a blessing to us and we are happy to keep you in our prayers. Be sure to take advantage of the hostels along the trail as you grow strong again along the way. God bless and keep you and I truly think you should consider making these blogs into a book – you’d become a movie! Blessings, Greta Fridlund >


    1. Thank you very much for the encouragement! And thank you for the prayers.
      Yes, I will be writing about the varied hostels we visit. And yes, I hope to continue increasing my stamina. It is amazing to me, how long it takes to regain staying power. 🙂
      Thank you, again. Your good wishes mean a lot to me.


  5. good for you guys. That’s great. I am headed to Seattle for 2 days in June and was hoping to see you but must be next time. Have a great hike. Have thought about hiking in Spain so will be interested in hearing your tale. Good hiking. Best, Rob


  6. Congratulations !!!
    A friend from church , her name is Irma. After recovering from cancer she dreamed of hiking the same path. During her journey she received many blessing and healing. I hope ( no I know )you both will recieve the same


  7. I was just visiting family in England and went to the Easter service at a church in Framfield, West Sussex, England. I was interested to see the pilgrimage you will be on because after the service in the church hall we sat with a couple from the church musical group. It had been announced during the service that this couple was immediately going to go on a 500-mile pilgrimage in Spain. I believe it’s the same one you are on. Small world. I messaged the church your names but presume lots of people are taking this route at different times.

    Penelope & Phil Wright (Gardnerville)


  8. So glad you’re recovered and on a new adventure! Wishing for you the most wonderful experiences on the Camino!


  9. God bless you both and your new adventures. Excited to read about your new adventures. We retire this year and look forward to more freedom.


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