Forest Primeval

July 25-28, 2018

Jay and I were privileged to walk through sections of old growth forest during the last several days. The girth and height of the trees are incredible!

This huge Douglas fir provides shade for the Pacific silver fir. Eventually, the Pacific silver fir will outcompete the giant beside it and become the dominant species.
The western red cedar can grow to a diameter only surpassed by the giant sequoia.
We couldn’t resist looking up, and up, and up, to see the branches of this gigantic Douglas fir touch the sky!

A forest is more than trees, though. Here are a few pictures of other sights from our days of walking.

What a breakfast view!
Mt Adams collects thunderheads.
I’m very grateful to the Mt Hood Chapter of the PCTA for all the trail maintenance they have done on this section of trail!
We walked across scree fields…
… we crossed bridges…
… and we passed many lakes.
We met hikers daily. Here, southbound PCT hiker, Twist, gives us advice on the next town.
We saw insects. (I have NO idea what this is!)
On our fifth day of hiking, Jay saw two young martins! I was SO excited when he quietly pointed them to me! We both heard the two martins “talking” to each other, and Jay later told me that he heard the mother talking to the two young ones when he first came upon them.

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