Hiker Chat

May 23, 2017

So, what do hikers talk about when on the trail?  Mostly, conversations revolve around topics of immediate concern:

Terrain:  “Dude, did you think that hill was ever gonna end?”

Resupply:  “Are you going into town?  I heard there’s an all you can eat pizza place just a mile off the trail!”

Weather:  “Are we supposed to get any sun this week?”

Gear: “Is that a Zpack?  How do you like it?”

Occasionally, a hiker shares a narrow escape or harrowing experience:  “So there I was, soaking wet and freezing, trying to put up my hammock.  Only I was so cold, my thumb and fingers wouldn’t work.  I couldn’t grasp the ropes to tie the knots!  I had to use my whole arm, and my teeth, to loop the rope around the tree!  When I finally got the hammock up, I just crawled into it and shivered.”

Sometimes, a nugget of conversation turns out to be a gem.  While eating breakfast at Wilson Creek Shelter, we enjoyed speaking with a section hiker named Sunshine.  She told us, “I’m getting off the trail today.  My son is getting married, and the shower for his fiancée is Saturday. I’ve got to get a pedicure before then!  Wonder if they’ll be able to get all the duct tape off my toes?”

Candles tells Sunny and Jay of his brush with hypothermia.


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