It can happen in an instant…

May 26, 2017

I’m happily hiking along the trail. The sun is shining, the trail is level, birds are singing. Such a beautiful day to be outside! I feel I am the luckiest woman in the world, to be here.

Long grass overhangs the trail. My feet begin wading through the greenery. Suddenly, under the verdant growth, my toe hits an unmovable rock! Wham! My foot stops, but my body keeps going forward. Before I can even think, “Oh no!”, I am on the ground.

This time, there is no taking stock of damage. My right knee screams with every nerve cell. Another immovable rock has whacked it across the kneecap. After rolling around in agony for a few moments, I slowly stand. My knee is already swelling, and bleeding slightly. I try a few steps. The good news is, it still works!

Carefully I begin hiking again, concentrating with every step. My knee continues to hurt, but also continues to work. What can I do, but keep walking? I walk.

May 27-28, 2017

For two days I walk upon a swollen knee. Each morning, the knee is stiff, sore and very hot to the touch. After about three hours of hiking, it is still swollen, but working well, and not near as stiff as the morning.

However, the constant pain begins to take its toll. By Sunday afternoon, I just want to lay down with an ice bag. I talk Jay into a detour to a nearby town, and spend the night with an ice pack and a pillow. Ahh, the comforts of civilization!

May 29, 2017

Today the swelling is much reduced, thanks to the ice and pillow. We continue walking, and the knee continues to work. Hurray! I begin to feel cautiously hopeful that this will be one injury that heals while hiking.

This adventure is full of beauty and fun. I’ve tried to show that with my blog posts. But there is the constant danger of injury. Many people out here are dealing with a body part or two that doesn’t work as well as it should. Injuries can happen in an instant, turning a fun adventure into a feat of endurance. What to do? I continue to walk.


7 thoughts on “It can happen in an instant…

  1. Sarah, you are having quite the experience out on that trail! I don’t remember seeing you saying that you saw a dr though. Prayers of healing for you!


  2. I told a friend that I was following your blog as you hiked the AT. He said, “What’s the big deal, it’s only walking.” Understatement of the century. Push through the aches and pains, you two are awesome!


  3. Jay and Sarah – This is Bean Counter. I met you at the Meadows Wayside. I have read most of your blog and want to wish both of you the best on the remainder of your journey. I wish I had the determination that both of you have so I could have finished my journey but it just wasn’t meant to be this year. I look forward to following along by way of your blog.
    Again best of luck.
    Andrew Tarver
    “Bean Counter”


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