It’s hard to leave a trail town…

March 24, 2017

Midmorning, leaving Hot Springs, NC, brunch at the Smoky Mountain Diner called to us.  Deviating from the trail slightly, we left our packs on the back porch, and came inside to discover every table filled!  As we stood in the doorway, wondering whether we’d be eating trail food for breakfast, a lady about our age beckoned us over, “I’ll share my table, if you want.”  We didn’t need to be told twice!  We quickly sat down and introduced ourselves.  Maureen was visiting the town with friends, and seemed enchanted to share a breakfast table with two thru-hikers.  We, on the other hand, were delighted to spend time with a person whose interests were wide-ranging and varied.  The conversation was lively and diverse.

When we each ordered two entrees from the menu, Maureen’s eyes widened, then her expression cleared.  “Oh, will you be taking one in a box?” she asked.  Well, no, that hadn’t occurred to us.  We just planned to sit there for two hours and eat both entrees!

Here are a few pictures to express the mountain homey atmosphere of this great diner!

From the outside, just an ordinary diner…

AT murals, humorous signs, and quilts decorate the walls.

Even the bathroom is decorated in Southern fashion, with Bible and inspiring message!


The true heart of the diner, however, is the hard-working waitresses! Thank you so much!


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