March 19, 2018

So many things to do, when preparing for a long hike. How does a person prioritize?

Our first month after last year’s AT thru-hike focused upon recovery. Our bodies were ready for an extended rest, as well as some specific rehabilitation. Thanks to a fortuitous find from our son’s friend, the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, by Clair Davies, gave us direction for healing painful tendons and muscles.

The next three months, as we purged our belongings and sold our house, we also ate like we were still hiking. We did take time to get permits and maps, but this only took one afternoon with a computer. Planning a few resupplies took a couple of evenings. Reassuring friends and family members has taken several sessions. But our over-riding highest priority has been taking daily hikes to reaffirm our connection with nature and remind our bodies of their main job in life – burning calories in order to support our eating habits!

An eight mile loop which includes Genoa Falls near our former home in Gardnerville is a favorite destination, even with a frozen trail.
Wild horses at Hidden Valley Regional Park, near Reno, NV are a frequent sight.
Snow at Hidden Valley Regional Park doesn’t stop us.
We kept hiking even while visiting my parents in Tennessee. Blooming cherry trees heralded spring at Sandy Springs Park.

8 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Thank you! I am finally hooked in to the email notifications. This is great! Can’t wait to see you adventures!


  2. I was thinking about you two on Sunday when I hiked northbound on the AT in PA from Lehigh Gap to Smith Gap up that vertical Superfund site rock scramble with another couple and two dogs. We could not imagine having to go down (hence hooking up with friends to do a shuttle) but you were southbound and had to descend that wall of death. If you two can do that, you can do anything! Looking forward to following your adventures on the PCT and wish you all the best!


    1. Dear Daniela,
      It is great to hear from you!
      I remember that cliff on the AT. I was very nervous before we reached it, but we had beautiful weather that day, and the climb down wasn’t as scary as it might have been!
      Take care.
      Your friend, Sarah


  3. Beautiful photos, Sarah! I’m glad to see you worked in a visit here in Maryville with your parents and enjoyed the beautiful blossoming cherry trees. We walk there almost daily except when we head to the GSMNP. Best wishes for your next big hike! I look forward to reading about it here.


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