February 10, 2017


The mating call of the bobolink filled the air as Jay recorded his cd of Birding by Ear Eastern/Central (Peterson Field Guides) onto his smart phone.   Gear covered the bed, as once again I unpacked my pack.  I had to slough at least three more pounds.  What could I possibly live without???

I weighed my gaiters as I thought.  Only four ounces, but realistically, how often would they be worn?  Ruthlessly, I banished them.  Only 2 pounds 12 ounces to go…

Recruiting Followers

In a place where the Appalachian Trail is simply known as “The Trail”, Jay and I gave a presentation about our upcoming adventure to the senior center, where my parents now reside.  Many in the audience had been avid hikers, and the questions we fielded were specific and insightful.  We hope we will live up to their enthusiastic proclamations of allegiance!  img_20170209_150343722