Ashland! (aka, a week with Kitty)

June 29, 2018

Celebrated as the largest “trail town” on the PCT, Ashland is known to the rest of the world as a center for Shakespeare and other plays. Tourists mingle with bearded hikers, seekers of alternate lifestyles, and busy locals, making downtown an endlessly interesting place. Jay and I discovered this while walking through Lithia Park on our first evening…

Perhaps a common sight in Ashland, but unique in our experience!

Of course, our main job was to take care of Jay’s sister’s cat, known as ‘Kitty’. Once Kitty conveyed our roles to us, we got along fine.

“Sarah will feed me, Jay will give me cuddles, and I will entertain myself. Just make sure to leave a sunbeam on the floor in which I can bask each morning.”

We did enjoy some entertainments when two friends, Linda and Dave, visited us from Gardnerville, NV. They flew into town in a glider that Dave built himself!


We wandered the streets, stopping in several cafes for food and drink. At the Agave, the waitress gave us an impromptu lesson in margarita making. We were fascinated! (And Dave and Jay agreed that the margaritas were quite good.)

They hand squeeze this many limes in one evening for their margaritas!

We walked along the creek in Lithia Park, and Dave and I stopped to climb a giant rope jungle gym.

2018-06-22 rope tower in lithia park571727511..jpg

We closed our day with a free concert at an outdoor stage. The Green Shows happen every evening except Mondays, featuring different fine arts performers. It’s a big draw for tourists and locals.

The Bathtub Gin Serenaders played catchy jazz and blues tunes, and invited everyone to dance! These two were the first to respond, but by the end of the gig, most of the children had gravitated from the audience to the stage. Great music, and fun times!

Often, after a day of slack packing, Jay and I wandered down to the Green Show. The eclectic nature of the Green Shows gave us new experiences nearly every night.

The Fantasia Performing Arts Center brought Chinese dance and opera to the Green Show one evening.
Their performance ended with a rendition of an old Chinese tale of star-crossed lovers, much like Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It was beautifully danced and enthusiastically narrated!

As Jay and I explored each evening, we were treated to tunes from street musicians. Some were very good, some were just beginners. All added to the holiday atmosphere that permeated the heart of Ashland.

Beautiful classical tunes brought us around a corner and down some steps to sit and enjoy this woman’s music.

We have enjoyed this time of culture and fun. Tomorrow we continue hiking the PCT. I intend to enjoy myself there, also! This world is truly a wondrous place.